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My Clients’ Experiences

We were very lucky to have Mel visit us at our holiday rental on the Isle of Wight. She was gentle in her instruction and support and the sound bath itself was amazing! So relaxing - I felt my whole body soften and sink into the floor. It was a wonderful way to start our week's holiday. If you've never had a Sound Bath, I'd highly recommend Mel!

J.M I.O.W (Holiday)


J. M

I have attended both group and private Echo Me Sound sessions. Both of which I 100% recommend. I booked a private session for two couples ….. and everyone absolutely loved it. We all felt amazing afterwards. I especially liked how the session was tailored to our needs. Mel takes time to explain the session and is available to answer questions and discuss individual needs after the session. Thoroughly professional . I will now be booking a one-to-one session. Top experience.

Would you recommend Echo Me Sound Therapy? Yes


Thank you so much for coming over to see us today, it was a truly wonderful, restorative, calming and grounding experience.

 It has absolutely set us up for the weekend. Appreciate your amazing energy and creativity in creating such a wonderful experience.


Another vibrant and nourishing session by Mel at Echo me sound therapy. A beautiful blend of bowls gong work and chimes. It was clear from her introduction that a lot of preparation and thought had gone in beforehand


Really therapeutic, thank you




My Clients’ Experiences

I discovered Mel when looking for sound baths locally. I’ve been to a number of sound baths before and I was blown away at Mel’s playing and all of the different sound elements she brings into sessions and how each sessions has a theme to envoke different feelings / areas of healing. After experiencing the group sessions I decided to go for 1-1 sound healing sessions alongside the voice analysis Mel offers. It was one of the best investments I’ve made. The level of personal care Mel puts into sessions is so beautiful and you can feel that care as she plays. 1-1 sessions were so healing and like nothing I’ve experienced before. Sound massaging the body and moving through stagnant energy delivered with so much personalised care. I have recommended Mel to anyone who would listen and will continue to do so. If you are into wellbeing and self care working with Mel is such a gift to yourself. Thank you Mel I’m so grateful to have connected with you and all you offer.

Would you recommend Echo Me Sound Therapy?: Yes


Thanks for a lovely 121 session. I loved the sensations I felt when you played the bowls on my body and I loved the sound of the kentari chimes. Its was very interesting to see the interpretation of my voice analysis recordings, which do currently match with my physical and emotional state. The massage couch was also very comfortable which helped me relax as did the fragrance in the room.

Thanks Mel.


I am so appreciative of the sound therapy experience I had with Mel. It was such a detailed and fascinating analysis of my voice recordings and I gained more awareness from it. The actual sound therapy was something difficult to find words for! It was both cosmic and grounding, deeply relaxing and at times intense. I felt like I could lay there for days but when it was finished it felt like the perfect time. Mel is incredibly professional in all aspects of her practice and I highly recommend this expansive experience!

Would recommend: Yes

Anything to add: Massive appreciation!


So impressed with Mel's professional and thorough approach to her practise. I found the analytical pre-treatment consultation fascinating and the actual Sound Therapy session so powerful. Highly recommend.



I’m not one to relax. My sound bath session was something amazing that I didn’t expect. Not only did I relax, possibly for the first time in my life, but I also found myself in a positive and restful head space. I can’t encourage you enough to try it for yourself. Definitely an experience I look forward to trying again.



My experience has been all round positive.
The sound bath is a deeply moving, calming and beneficial healing experience on many levels..
My sleep has improved and after one particular session, the pain in my hip/knee cleared significantly.
I highly recommend Echo Me Sound Therapy ♥️



I loved the way you embraced my interest and intrigue, explained the theory behind the treatments and took real interest in me and what I described to you.
You always ensured that your work was fully COVID compliant and I felt safe at all times.
I have really enjoyed learning about sound therapy and have enjoyed the relaxation and benefits it has provided.



I found my sessions with Mel allowed me to access my healthy place and focus on healing.  The sessions were calming yet afterwards invigorating. I noticed an improvement in my health and concentration.  I couldn’t recommend highly enough. This was my first experience with sound therapy and I was amazed how relaxing and spiritual an experience this was. This has been a great help on my healing journey and Mel was an fantastic guide. I would recommend this for anyone looking for inner peace, physical and mental healing, fertility issues or overcoming phobias.



I have never thought of a sound therapy, but it was presented to me by my friend when I was in a bad state in my life. I must admit, the sound therapy was perfect to me, makes me feel stronger, relaxed, believing in myself and ready to get life into my hands. I made a huge step in my life and Melanie's sound therapy supported me on every single step; 4 individual sessions, but the sound Melanie prepared for me I was listening for almost 4 months. Sound vibrations took me to the safe place, helped me to deal with my anxiety and stress. Thank you Mel. Great job!

Would recommend: Yes

Thank you for your time. I have learn something new about myself, how to deal with stress and anxiety, simply how to make my life better.



My Clients’ Experiences

Your Feedback:: What a fabulous way to totally relax in the middle of a frenetic and fun filled stay on the island. We were not really sure how we would benefit from Mel's wonderful session but benefit we did and the impact stayed with us for the rest of our stay. We both felt quite emotional at the end of the session and Mel did say that this is entirely normal. However the impact went well beyond that to a calming of our spirit and a desire to join again at one of Mel's sessions as soon as we can. Thanks a million Mel from the folk from Solihull.XX

Would you recommend Echo Me Sound Therapy?: Yes

























I had a 1-2-1 taster session sound healing with Mel at an event. The voice analysis tool Mel uses made sure she chose the right frequencies to help me. Mel was so professional I felt very safe. I was so relaxed during the treatment and enjoyed the benefits of the healing sounds she used for me. I would throughly recommend it. I also go to Mel’s group sound baths at Ventnor Botanical Gardens. The way Mel uses the Gongs, Crystal bowls etc create such beautiful, healing sound frequencies is amazing. Its is so clear how passionate Mel is about using sound as a healing tool for our bodies. The way each session is planned, thought out and delivered is perfect. So very relaxing. I can throughly recommend the group sound baths. So glad to have found Echo Me Sound Therapy 🩷



Another wonderful relaxing session with Mel. It was our first evening sound bath and the venue and ambience were so cosy and festive! The new D# bowl added a special layer to the sounds. It was such a fabulous way to ease into Christmas, especially with the tea and mince pies afterwards! Thank you again Mel - looking forward to the next time. The event was absolutely fantastic and we went away very relaxed, happy and chilled. The venue contributed to the atmosphere and experience greatly.



Last time for me, the sound bath took place in winter. Yesterday, the light, the temperature were different, the sounds too. And I experienced something different. It is not my body this time which reacted like during the former session, but my brain. It kind of opened up my inspiration to move forward with the creation of a piece of jewellery I could not put together in my head. So very interesting. I look forward for the next session. I very much like Mel's professionalism and dedication to her activities. Just as a footnote, she has great communication skills. Therefore, one understands what sound baths are about. Bravo. Nice you moved to the island, my dear Mel. It was time for islanders to get the opportunity to experience what you are offering🙏💜🦋

Sincerely, the sessions you offer bring a new level of quality in the field and, shall I say, sophistication, on the island. No kidding.



Delighted to have been on the Island to attend Mel's Sound Bath on Sunday Aug 20th at Ventnor Botanic Gardens. Mel gave us a warm welcome, thoughtfully ensuring we had all that was needed to fully enjoy the experience. Explanations were clear. The session was amazing. Different sounds and instruments were used to give us a truly relaxing beneficial experience. It was clear that a lot of thought and consideration had gone in to planning a session tailored to the month moon and mood. Thank you Mel 💙

Would you recommend Echo Me Sound Therapy?: Yes

C.G. W.Mids

Had a gorgeous ‘sound bath’ this morning with the brilliant Mel Burrows from Echo Me Sound Therapy It was cosy and magical and made me feel at one with the earth as if being transported back to a time before our fast-paced, technology-centred existence prevailed. Highly recommend her sessions for a soothing and rejuvenating experience Thanks Mel for your beautiful, healing sound playing!

A.M. Bath

I attended the Echo Me sound bath in Niton having spent the morning moving house - always a v stressful experience! So, I wasn't expecting to be able to relax very easily. I had brought my blankets so made myself a little cocoon in the darkened space. I found I could drift off into comforting places in my mind whilst focusing on the sound. It was incredible to be able to stay tuned in,  whilst also totally letting go and relaxing. I really enjoyed getting out of a busy headspace, quietening my thoughts and having the sound as the only available distraction. I felt so nurtured within my cocoon, there was no pressure to respond, I could just float in my own gentle consciousness. Once the hour was up, I realised I hadn't moved a muscle the whole time and I could've happily stayed snuggled down for hours, possibly forever! Afterwards, I feel so calm and was in a completely different place emotionally than when I entered the hall. It was like a holiday for my brain. Can't wait to book in again! Thank you


I attended again a Sound Bath session yesterday in Ventnor. For me, it always is a powerful experience with sounds taking over my brain. Like being in another world. Stepping outside of reality. Eventually, I fell asleep without realizing it. I can't wait to renew this experience. Thank you Mel for making me fly away.🥰

Would you recommend Echo Me Sound Therapy?: Yes



I thoroughly enjoyed the sound bath, I’m not one to naturally relax, and very rarely switch off in my mind. After going to one sound bath, I felt so much clearer, I knew it was helping. I booked one the following week and I felt so positive during and after. I’m booking another one and would recommend to anyone. Thank you so much, Mel

A.C. IOW (Ventnor & Niton Sound Baths)

Last night I experienced my very first Soundbath, I knew there would be gongs and crystal bowls, but wasn’t sure what else to expect. The evening was very relaxing, Mel talked us through what would happen and gave us a few sample sounds so that we knew what to expect. We all got cosy as she started to work her melodic magic. The sound journey was incredible, a wonderful experience. Afterwards, I felt relaxed but also recharged! And I haven’t slept so well in years. Thank you so much, Mel, I’m looking forward to booking in with you again soon x

R.T., Wokingham (Nettlecombe Farm Sound Bath)

We had such great time, both myself and (Friend) said yesterday how uplifted we feel since attending. I really was a beautiful experience and I look forward to coming along next time ✨️ thank you

N.L. IOW (Newport Sound Bath)

Wow what an amazing experience! The sounds of the gongs and crystal bowls and everything else were amazing as I was snuggled up drifting off into a dreamlike state. Mel is lovely and welcoming and I'm I'm definitely booking in again.



Huge thank you for today's session! I still can't quite process it even now. So interesting and a wonderful experience. So wonderful in fact that I have booked for next 2 weekends too!



I loved it as always and thrilled that (Friend) did too! Another great experience.



Really, really enjoyed the Sound Bath yesterday. Thanks so much 🙏



Thank you 😁, was a fantastic experience, excellently hosted, of course😉, lovely company & space, booking again.



We had such great time, both myself and (Friend) said yesterday how uplifted we feel since attending. I really was a beautiful experience and I look forward to coming along next time ✨️ thank you


I can honestly say there wasn’t a inch of my body that didn’t respond to the vibration. I slept so well that night, and I know it was the therapy doing it’s work and actually that continued for the next couple of days.



The sound bath took me to a different time and place. I felt the sensations in my head, but also rippling through my body and loved the after effect of the sound.



Towards the end I was also able to let go of my trail of thoughts and just allow it to float.



Emotionally I felt stronger. Everything that I was worried about seemed to be dulled down for that evening.



When the sound bath was over I was really disappointed...  I was thirsty for more. I could have listened for hours. I felt energised and enthused after it despite being lethargic and under enthused beforehand. I told friends about it immediately and suggested they look it up.




My Clients’ Experiences

Isle of Wight NHS Trust

How lovely for the team. Thank you 

Michele Salmon - Theatre Team

It was a wonderful experience Mel. My colleagues were grateful for the restful time, a little bit of self care goes along way when you spend your days caring for others. Thankyou for your time and skills. X



My Clients’ Experiences

Less stomach issues, noises in stomach/pain which was also felt after sound bath....Definitely a reduction of stomach pain.

Although I would say the main shifts are physical I also definitely feel an element of calmness after I have listened to the sounds. I have noticed a definite pattern of deeper sleep.

L.W. (Working on Crohn's Disease)


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