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Gong & Sound Baths | Sound & Frequency Therapy on the Isle of Wight

"The sessions you offer bring a new level of quality in the field and, shall I say, sophistication, on the Island"

V.B | Isle of Wight EMST Sound Bath Regular Client

Nourish and heal yourself with the power and beauty of Sound

Echo Me Sound Therapy Isle of Wight
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Photo: Inbar Jeffery

Welcome to Echo Me Sound Therapy.

Welcome to an enlightening and healing journey with Sound! I provide public Gong Sound Baths on the Isle of Wight as well 121 and Private work. You're in safe hands - I'm fully qualified & Insured! ​I combine a structured therapeutic approach with empathy and connection.

Sound Therapy enables me to connect with clients and deliver therapeutic healing through a practice that I love. 

Sound & Gong Baths on the
Isle of Wight

I offer public Sound Baths regularly in Ventnor and at different locations on the Island. Click here for the schedule and booking of current Sound Events:

Photo: Inbar Jeffery

Private Sound Baths on the Isle of Wight

I can bring the Sound to you with a Private Sound Bath at your home or holiday residence.  You can also  book a venue of your choice for your group. Private Sound Journeys can be tailored to an intent or focus of your choice. Get in touch to find out more:

One-to-one Private Sound Therapy on the Isle of Wight

Fancy a Sound session all to yourself? I have 60 and 90 minute appointments at my Treatment Space in Ventnor. I work with Singing Bowls, Drum and Voice. Get in touch to find out more or book using the link below:

Photo: Inbar Jeffery

One-to-one Frequency Rebalancing Sound Therapy on the Isle of Wight

 Using  a Bespoke Voice Analysis Tool, I will calculate your personal Frequencies to create rebalancing tones for you to listen to. These tones will work with your body & mind to re-balance itself.  And you get to see what your voice looks like!

Benefits of Sound Therapy

Sound healing can help you clear energetic blockages and thus facilitate self-healing on a physical and mental level. It can help connect to our own sense and self and power within.

  • Deep relaxation and pain relief 

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety 

  • Stimulation of the immune system 

  • Assists with lowering blood pressure and anger-related emotion 

  • Increases mental and emotional clarity 

  • Access and re-connect to inner strength and power 

  • Process emotions & feelings which may be too painful to voice

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