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January 2023: Reflecting & Moving Forward...


Welcome to the first of Echo Me Sound Therapy’s Monthly Newsletters.

What better time to start this practice than at the start of a new year with an Astrological phase of Creativity at play.

Now that the Festive Period is ending, it gives us true space to reflect on our journey over that last 12 months; what we have achieved, what we have learned and where we need to focus for the next coming year.

The past year has brought lots of changes for myself and my family as we moved from Greater London to my partner’s beautiful hometown of Ventnor, on the Isle of Wight. We’ve all embraced our new life on the Island, and I have been able to dedicate more time and energy to Sound which has been amazing. We have made new friends and reconnected with old friends; we are enjoying views of the Sea and lovely clean air! At times when there have been feelings of loneliness or isolation, I’ve found it so helpful to remind myself of all the reasons for proactively choosing this new life and affirm gratitude for all that I have today. What have been your points of reflection?

Moving forward into January 2023, I’m so pleased to have lots of Sound Activity coming up:

· Post Retreat Sound Bath with Balance + Glo, East Afton Farm – 18/1/23

· Post Yoga Sound Bath with Laura Lotus Yoga, Godshill Barn – 20/1/23

· Post Yoga Sound Bath with Laura Lotus Yoga, Ryde Chiropractic – 28/1/23

· Echo Me Sound Therapy New Year Energy Sound Bath, Ventnor Botanic Gardens – 29/1/23 – Booking Link below:

I am also opening Appointments for 121 Sessions. This could be to focus on a specific area of concern or for general wellbeing and energetic balance. I work with an amazing Voice Analysis Program to ensure that all work is tailored to you and your body. I can show you your voice!!! I have a beautiful Treatment Space with Sea Views at my home and would love to welcome you there. I can also travel to you*. I offer a Block Booking discount when 4 sessions are booked together.

One of the many things I love about the Sound Therapy Practice is that for the Client, it is a passive experience; apart from a small voice recording, you don’t have to do anything! The Sound and your Body will do the work for you.

If you would like to explore 121 Sound Therapy Practice, I’m offering a free 15 Minute phone consultation to discuss your needs. Just email me to book this in!

Private Group Sound Baths are also now available; it’s a lovely thing to do with friends or family or even a Hen Party! Email me for further details.

Thank you to you all for your support over the past year and I wish you the happiest New Year for 2023.

Mel x

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