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April 2023: Time Out...

Welcome to the April Echo Me Sound Therapy Monthly Newsletter.

Isn't it a joy to have the lighter evenings back! It just all feels that little bit more manageable with more hours in the day.

The promise of Summer has boosted everyone's mood at home. Even more so as we booked the first - of what will probably be many - tickets for Ventnor Fringe Festival. If you haven't been before, I highly recommend it. Run by the lovely Team at Ventnor Exchange, there are so many things to see and get involved with over the 2 weeks in July. Search it up at:

What are you making plans for this Summer?

It has been another busy Month of Sound Baths in March with familiar feels-like-a-second-home locations (Ventnor Botanic Gardens) and new ones; Bembridge & Bar 74 Ryde. Both entirely different venues, each with it's own feel.

Thank you to everyone who came along to all three.

I'm so grateful to welcome new Sound Bathers as well as some regulars!

One of the highlights of March was being able to offer a Sound Bath at St Mary's Hospital for the Theatre Team. This was part of a wellbeing program designed to give these amazing people some time for self care. It was an honour and a privilege to play for the staff.

I also offered a Sound Bath to Kate Taylor's Practical Magic Retreat Group at Tiny Homes. Beautiful venue and a wonderful energy from the group.

As the title of the Newsletter suggests, I am taking some time out in April. I have a busy social month including my best friend's milestone birthday as well as a trip to New York!!

I look forward to welcoming back 121 Clients in May and have the following Sound Baths coming up:

• Post Yoga Sound Bath with Laura Lotus Yoga, Ryde Chiropractic – 15/4/23

• Sunday Soundwaves Sound Bath, Quay Arts Centre, Newport - 7/5/23 & 11/6/23

• Maytime Sound Bath, Ventnor Botanic Gardens - 21/5/23

• Friday Wind Down Sound Bath, Bembridge BYCC – 26/5/2

My own Events can all be booked directly on my Website - head on over to the 'EVENTS' page or click the button at the bottom of this email.

Don't take my word for just how beneficial my Sound Baths can be - click here to read the Testimonials from EMST Sound Bathers OR leave some feedback for me!

I'm so excited to be offering Sound at these fab venues in May! Click the button below to explore these events!

Email me for a free 15 Minute Consultation:

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