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June & July 2023:Summer's here!!!

Welcome to the June & July Echo Me Sound Therapy Newsletter.

I've decided to make this a Bi-Monthly Newsletter so that there's a bit more to share with you all.

Over the past few weeks, I've been taking part in Sound Therapy of a different kind!

Locally, we had the first Ibiza Session at the lovely Wellington Hotel in Ventnor, with the brilliant DJ Omar. It was an absolute blast and the sun shone for us all day!

I've also been fortunate enough to be able to see the Hives & Arctic Monkeys AND head over to the IOW Festival for a couple of days. The buzz of watching live music is just incredible and I loved every second. There are so many Festivals all across the country now, of all genres and sizes...

Have you got any live music gigs lined up this Summer?

Over the past few weeks, I held Public Sound Baths at Ventnor Botanic Gardens as well as the gorgeous Quay Arts venue in Newport. As always, a wonderful mix of returning 'Bathers' as well as new faces were welcomed. I'll be planning some more events at Quay Arts as we head into Autumn. The sprung wooden floor is SO good for the vibrations of the instruments!

An absolute highlight was being back at Ventnor Botanic Gardens to be part of the Wellness Weekend, where I was lucky enough to welcome a large crowd of mainly new comers to Sound Baths! It was a glorious session, with the doors wide open, looking out onto the beautiful gardens. I really enjoyed taking the time to listen to everyone's feedback on the day.

I'm beyond excited to be part of Ventnor Fringe (@ventnorfringe) this year! I have 2 morning Sound Baths to invigorate you for the day which can be booked via the Ventnor Fringe Website. There's such an amazing line up this year and I'm really looking forward to 2 bands that my brother's Agency, Progressive Artists (@progressiveartists) have been able to book for the Fringe: Flamingods & BC Camplight. It's such a coup to have these amazing artists play on our doorstep!!!

AsJuly is going to be a super-exciting time for Echo Me Sound Therapy...

Really looking forward to joining the wonderful Isle Heal Fayre (@islehealfayre) at Haylands Farm. There are so many wonderful therapists and offerings on the day. I'll be closing with a gentle Sound Bath. I highly recommend booking in with Danielle Perez Martin (@dpmholistictherapies) for a taster Massage if you can... she has magic hands!!!!

Here's what's coming up over the next couple of months:

  • Post-Yoga Sound Bath, Ryde Chiropractic with @lauralotusyoga = 24-6-23 (Tix Link via Laura's Socials)

  • Sunday Soundwaves, Shanklin Performing Arts Centre = 25/5/23

  • Isle Heal Holistic & Craft Fayre, Haylands Farm Ryde = 8/7/23 (No ticket required!)

  • Ventnor Fringe, The Nest - Ventnor Park = 26/7 & 28/7 (Tix via Ventnor Fringe Website)

Don't take my word for just how beneficial my Sound Baths can be - click here to read the Testimonials from EMST Sound Bathers OR leave some feedback for me!

I'm so excited to be offering Sound at these fab venues in May! Click the button below to explore these events!

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